Hi my name is Brenda Adams and welcome to my website



I support young people, adults and older adults in Antrim, Ballymeana and the surrounding areas. I promote positive mental health, offering one to one counselling sessions in a safe, non judgemental and confidential space, giving you empathic and compassionate care.


I am extremely passionate about helping others, to lay the groundwork for moving forward, heal your pain and calm your mind, bringing hope, empowering you to take control your own future.

I understand from my own personal experience how difficult life can be at times and how beneficial support and counselling can be. In the past  have taken the journey myself to ease my own emotional distress and improve my own mental health so I know how vulnerable and intimidating counselling can make you feel therefore I am fully committed to going with you on your journey. 

You come first.

I am fully qualified and trained in a variety of areas, I work in an integrative way which means the therapy is individual to you and what works for you as an individual ensuring the best possible outcome.